The Buckland Preservation Society's Mission

The Buckland Preservation Society is a non-profit foundation formed in 2003 for conducting a state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary investigation of the archaeology, architecture, industrialization, transportation, cultural landscape, and historical record of the Town of Buckland, and the earlier Manohoac Indian Settlement along the Susquehanna Plain Path (Old Carolina Road)

on Broad Run.


The society is devoted to preserving this site for the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Nation. We employ the latest technology and assistance from important scholars through grants, and the help of interested  property owners, to realize this nationally significant project.

Buckland Tavern (Robinson Tavern)
Buckland Tavern (Robinson Tavern)

Board of Directors and Officers

  • Linda Wright, President

  • Leslie Nittiskie, Vice President

  • John Browne, Secretary

  • Debbie Bennett, Treasurer

  • Brian Cohn

  • David Halle

  • Brian Mannix

  • Hope Porter

Chairman Emeritus

  • Richard Bland Lee V 

  • David W. Blake   

Supporting Organizations

Never before in this country, has such a coalition of notable historic preservation organizations gathered to support and participate in the preservation of one site: 

The following  organizations have also contributed to the society’s preservation efforts: